America still supports Israel … for some reason

Well, the politicians do anyway.  While popular support for Israel is really only overwhelming in the evangelical Christian population, the administration and most successful politicians have nothing but nice things to say – regardless of how many people Israel starves, displaces, or detains for peaceful demonstration.

To confirm, the U.S. is now blocking a UN investigation of Israel’s boarding of an aid flotilla in international waters.  While Turkey fumes, Nicaragua cuts ties with Israel, and Ireland demands the immediate and safe return of all nationals on board – any American attempts to ostracize Israel might actually be illegal.

Freedom indeed – just so long as you boycott the countries you’re supposed to boycott and defend the religious fundamentalists you’re supposed to defend.

Oh noes, we’re losing Afghanistan!

Today’s political meme: If we don’t do something to heat up our war effort, we’ll lose in Afghanistan!

A few significant attacks go off, and suddenly the spin-masters are trying to make it sound like our honor is at stake unless we authorize some huge, expensive counter-offensive that kills a whole bunch of bad guys. Of course, its inevitable and conveniently left out that any such attack would almost certainly include killing some not so bad guys. Ok, completely innocent people.

But forget that and focus on the real issue, America! You donn’t want to lose at something, do you?